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Anekant Education Society’s

Jaysingpur College, Jaysingpur

Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur || Reaccredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade
DST-FIST [Level I] Sponsored College || Minority College


List of Completed Projects (Minor)

Sr.NoName of FacultyName of ProjectFunding Agency With sanction NumberDocuments
1Dr. S.R. Sabale & Dr. B. V. TamhankarEnvironmental assessment to establish baseline level of soil and water....47-1750/10 (WRO) Pune, 2nd May 2011Click to View
2Dr. B. V. Tamhankar & Dr. S.R. SabaleOxidative transformations by some oxidising agentsWRO Pune (No.F.47-2074/11 dt 21st March 2012Click to View
3Mr. G.H. Nikam & Dr. S.R. SabaleDevelopment of analytical method for extractive separation of some metals using cyanex and crown ethersWRO Pune (47-2051/11 dated 21/03/2012)
4Dr. S. A. ManjareGrowth response of Catla catla and Labeo rohita to
Plant Formulated Diets as Protein Source
F. No. 47-2074/11/WRO dated 23rd February 2012
Click to View
5Dr. Mrs. S. S. Shelake "Major Contribution of Mahesh Dattani to the Indian Drama in English”UGC-New Delhi
F. No.23-475/12(WRO)
dated 25th Feb. 2013
Click to View
6Dr. S. A. ManjareAnti microbial activity of plant extract…..F.N. 1/2019 (JCJ) Dt. 20/08/2019Click to View
7Dr. S. R. SabalePorous carbon from agri-waste…..F.N. 2/2019 (JCJ) Dt. 20/08/2019Click to View
8Dr. G. H. Nikam
Green synthesis of Silver NPsF.N. 3/2019 (JCJ) Dt. 20/08/2019Click to View
9Mr. R. D. TasgaonkarGreen Synthesis of metal oxide NPsF.N. 4/2019 (JCJ) Dt. 20/08/2019Click to View
10Dr. P. P. ChikodeSynthesis and Characterization of WO3F.N. 5/2019 (JCJ) Dt. 20/08/2019Click to View
11Mr. R. D. ShindeMethods to optimize selection….F.N. 6/2019 (JCJ) Dt. 20/08/2019Click to View